My girlfriend's name is Brae. This is her mouth. Amazing things happen when it gets hold of the English language.

Resembling at various times Reverend Spooner, The Bard and a Japanese novelty t-shirt, she is an endless wellspring of linguistic gems and curiosities.

What follows in an attempt to catalogue Brae's unique, creative and often baffling relationship with the spoken word.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So many hats

I'm looking for a job. On a pretty regular basis Brae sends me job listings she finds on Craigslist and elsewhere.

Recently she was looking at a job posting for an assistant to a fashion designer. Brae started laughing as she read the description of the position.

"They said they want some someone who wears many hats. Hahaha."

I looked at her blankly and said "what's funny about that?"

She said "why do they need you to wear a bunch of a hats?"

After I finally stopped laughing and explained what the metaphor meant she said grumpily "that's a stupid saying."

I laughed some more and she said, "well, I thought it would be a good job for you since you have so many hats."

Thanks, hon...


  1. Clearly this is who they were looking for, right Brae?

  2. Maybe the designer designs hats, and you have to wear a lot of them so she (he?) can see if they're any good?