My girlfriend's name is Brae. This is her mouth. Amazing things happen when it gets hold of the English language.

Resembling at various times Reverend Spooner, The Bard and a Japanese novelty t-shirt, she is an endless wellspring of linguistic gems and curiosities.

What follows in an attempt to catalogue Brae's unique, creative and often baffling relationship with the spoken word.

Monday, September 20, 2010

As best as he can.

Brae and I were sitting in our apartment listening to the sound of major renovations going on in an apartment 2 floors below.

"They're really going at it," I said. "Did you see how much work they're doing? The place is completely torn apart."

Brae replied, "oh yeah, they had infestus down there."


"Um, what is it? Infestu...."

"An infestation?"

"No, what's that stuff called? They had to remove the, uh, in..festus?"

"Oh, you mean asbestos?"

"Uh, yeah. Oh, that actually sounds nice. 'Asbestos he can!"